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Clarified Security is an Estonian information security company focused in delivering practical security services. Our home market is the "IT wonderland" of Estonia where Web is the glue and delivery mechanism of most of these wonders. Thus, our strongest focus has been on manual WebApp pentesting while being generally happy to break anything that offers us technical challenges.

We also teach practical security through the perspective of attacks in our hands-on security courses and do red teaming for large scale cyber exercises.

Outside of Estonia we focus on the Scandinavian and Baltic market but deliver remote testing and on-site training services also globally.

What can we break for you today?

Mehis Hakkaja Mehis Hakkaja,
CEO of Clarified Security

Upcoming trainings in Tallinn

Hands-on Hacking Essentials
05-06 DEC 2018 SOLD OUT!

Web Application Security
31 OCT-01 NOV Client-Side &
07-08 NOV 2018

Hunt The Hacker
12-13 NOV 2018 SOLD OUT!
12-13 DEC 2018 SOLD OUT!
03-04 DEC 2018 SOLD OUT!

Hands-on Hacking Advanced
26-28 NOV 2018


Hunt The Hacker
14-15 FEB 2019

Web Application Security
27-28 FEB Client-Side & 
06-07 MARCH 2019 Server-Side

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