Next public training courses in Tallinn


Web Application Security (WAS), 4 days, 1600 EUR +VAT:

  • 01-02 JUN & 08-09 JUN 2020 (in English, by Marko Belzetski) 2 seats left!

Hunt the Hacker (HtH), 2 days, 800 EUR +VAT:

  • 21-22 SEPT 2020 (in English, by Karl Raik) 1 seat left!

Hands-On Hacking Essentials (HOHE), 2 days, 800 EUR +VAT:

  • 28-29 SEPT 2020  (in English, by Karl Raik)

Hands-On Hacking Advanced (HOHA), 3 days, 1200 EUR +VAT:

  • 26-28 MAY 2020 (in English, by Karl Raik) 1 seat left!

Secure Logging (LogSec), 1 day, 400 EUR +VAT:

  • 21 SEPT 2020 (in English, by Mait Peekma)
Mari Seemer Mari Seemer,
Training Services manager
Information and registration:

All our hands-on courses are also delivered as inner group training for 10-12 participants, mostly in Estonia, Scandinavia and other EU countries, however we’ll be up to provide on-site courses whereever decent Internet connection is available. Ask for special dates and pricing!

Next public training courses in Finland

For information and registration please contact course reseller directly.

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