James Dodd

Red Team Service Director, red teamer


James is a red, purple and black teamer, working on corporate and government engagements. He also takes part in national and international cyber exercises, e.g. as a client-side red team leader during the NATO Cyber Defence Exercise "Locked Shields".

James has an extensive background in software development. He joined Clarified Security in December 2016 from the gaming sector where, as a Principal Developer at a global betting exchange, he worked on back end distributed systems.

James has a BSc degree in Software Engineering from De Montfort University, England. For his dissertation, he wrote a steganography tool to invisibly embed large quantities of information into animated GIFs.

James was previously a trainer of our Hands-on Hacking Essentials (HOHE) and Hunt The Hacker (HtH) courses.

James Dodd