Silvia Väli

Pentester (WebApps)


Silvia joined the team in April 2017. Her previous work experience consists mainly of database management and web design.

She holds a B.Sc. degree in Computer Systems and she graduated from Tallinn University of Technology receiving cum laude for master's degree program on Cyber Security. Her master's thesis focused on Electron-based desktop applications ("Analysis of Electron-based Applications to Identify XSS Flaws Escalating to Code Execution in Open-Source Applications"), which lead to her debut as a conference speaker at NorthSec 2018 in Montreal. She has also been listed as a speaker for (LUX), GoSec (CA), CyberChess (LV) and TallinnSec (EST).

She has participated in NATO Cyber Defence Exercise "Locked Shields" in 2016 as a White team member and in 2017 - 2022 as a Red team member.

Silvia Väli